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War... War never changes by Trueform

Well, you've certainly done an excellent job on this one. For one thing, the texture of the fire looks chaotic and realistic enough and...

Porkero.  Sparkoin. Bothundar by GregAndrade

I enjoy the second and last evos, but the first one kinda bugs me. The colour of the head and the shape make it look a bit like a roden...


United Kingdom
Greetings there people! I know I don't do many journals or posts (due to college work, laziness and other failsafe excuses) but I've just checked and it would seem I've gotten 25,048 views and 205 watchers on my DA page!

I know it's probably too late to do this, and I've missed a few other milestones from not checking the statistics but I sincerely want to thank you all for doing this and for all the favourites and support. Of course I probably don't deserve even a quarter of this, but lazy sods like myself get luck like that ;)

Though there is a more serious reason behind this journal, and that's the main reason behind why I don't do as many Minecraft ideas. To be honest, it's because my hearts not in it anymore. Thinking up ideas for an existing game, and more than 100 of deviations are for the same game. One that I don't play as much as I use to, too xD. So, what I'm going to do is find a way to improve my drawing skills (which if you've been a watcher since my earlier days, you'll know needs improvement) and also my writing skills. with over twenty five thousand views and two hundred and five watchers, I do want to be known for more than "that guy that puts cubes together on a program". However, I will begin doing requests, because the reason why most if not all of you are here is because of Minecraft.

But getting away from this serious business relating to kamikaze hedges that hiss... Ok, I said it was serious, not sane. Anyway, to all of you once again, I'd seriously like to thank you all for everything! The watches, the views, the favourites, the comments (even the ones that make no sense), the conversations I've had and blah blah blah, THANK YOU :iconyeehawplz:
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Hello good sir.
I would be very please if you would watch my group of sorts for no apparent reason at the moment because i have to finish the prologue.
Oh yes? What's it about?
read the prologue. Basically its about four kids who are the champions of the gods, but that comes later. They will end up having to find all eight pieces of the medallion of wizardry.
I've got a request:
A Troll.
See my journal entry to understand why.
Alright, though may I tell you that I'm not allergic to words like please =p
Would you at all mind if i had more requests?
Not at all, as long as it's an interesting concept ;)
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Fireninjastar Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello! I'm here to wish random deviants a happy and healthy friday (at least, it's friday in my country), happy friday!

You're pretty good at 3D Modeling!
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