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October 28, 2012
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Minecraft SUPAH SCARY Mob Ideas by RedPanda7 Minecraft SUPAH SCARY Mob Ideas by RedPanda7
Hi guys, and welcome to my SUPAH SCARY MOBS :mwahaha:
Because Halloweens around the corner I thought that I might as well make a few mobs. I was planning to make more but todays my cats fourth birthday so, yeeah. I might make more later however =p

Giant Wolf (this will replace the worgs)
:bulletred:Mob Type: Aggressive
:bulletred:Health Points: 40
:bulletred:Attack Damage: 8
:bulletred:Spawn: Forest, Plains, Taiga
:bulletred:Drops: 2-5 Wolf Pelt
:bulletred:Experience: 2-6
:bulletred:Giant Wolves are always hostile, no matter what you do. They're fast, they're smart and best of ll, THEY ATTACK VILLAGERS :D

Iron Zombie
:bulletblack:Mob Type: Aggressive
:bulletblack:Health Points: 100
:bulletblack:Attack Damage: 21
:bulletblack:Spawn: Can be made like an iron golem, but with zombie head instead of a pumpkin. Can also spawn if iron golem is killed by zombie/iron golem.
:bulletblack:Drops: 3-7 Rotten Flesh, 3-5 Iron Ingot, 0-2 Dead Bush, 3-5 Zombies
:bulletblack:Experience: 2-6
:bulletblack:If you like iron golems but hate zombies this mob is not for you. Iron Zombies are basically for those 'hardcore' players that want a challenge. Well, if it's a challenge you want it's a challenge you've got! These guy's don't burn in sunlight, naturally attack iron golems and if killed will spawn 3 to 5 normal zombies. Luckily for you though, they can't swim so trick them into a lake or river if you want to easily kill them.

:bulletorange:Mob Type: Neutral
:bulletorange:Health Points: 40
:bulletorange:Attack Damage: 4 (easy), 7 (normal), 10 (hard)
:bulletorange:Spawn: Has a 5% chance of being a natural spawned pumpkin block.
:bulletorange:Drops: 0-1 Ender Pearl, 1 Pumpkin
:bulletorange:Experience: 5
:bulletorange:At least theres no danger in harvesting wild pumpkins. Oh, wait a minute...
Yeah, now there is a rare chance of getting one of these guys when you're harvesting wild pumpkins. Unlike endermen they won't attack you if you attack you. They couldn't care less! However, if you look at any part of them (not just their heads) their face will light up and they'll hunt you until you or the End-A-Lantern is dead.

Frosty Skeleton
:bulletwhite:Mob Type: Aggressive
:bulletwhite:Health Points: 8
:bulletwhite:Attack Damage: 2 (easy), 4 (normal), 6 (hard)
:bulletwhite:Spawn: Tundra. Can also be created like a snow golem but with skeleton head instead of a pumpkin.
:bulletwhite:Drops: 0-15 Snowballs, 0-2 Bones
:bulletrwhite:Experience: 1-3
:bulletwhite:Unlike the Iron Zombies, Frosty Skeletons can actually spawn naturally. If they hit you, you'll get the slowness effect for 3 minutes and if you look at them they'll turn into snowmen (A new decoration that can be crafted and can spawn in the tundra). Luckily for you however, if they're in the desert or in any type of water outside of a taiga/tundra biome they'll basically die.
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Techne dear sir, Techne
Wolf-Pup31 Nov 12, 2012  Student Writer
hehe tiny feet on teh skeleton lol they must waddle lol
Everyone loves teh waddle skeletore :3
Wolf-Pup31 Nov 12, 2012  Student Writer
lol (doges an snow ball/Arrow?) catch me now slow pokem phaa ahahahahaha there funny but just its....funny
Actually they hit you with their fists, and instead of running up to you they pretend to be snowmen when you look at them.
Wolf-Pup31 Nov 12, 2012  Student Writer
lol thats even awesomer
Wolf-Pup31 Nov 13, 2012  Student Writer
Lemmy-koopaling Nov 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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